On days when I seem to lapse into ‘future worry mode” I have to remind myself of the loving care given to me by God. While I intellectually “know’ this is true and even have the evidence to show for it, I am still human and there are those momentary lapses in which I remind myself, “relax, God’s got this.”

This became crystal clear to me the day I was hanging out with my granddaughter. During the summer, I would encourage her to get outside and go for walks with me just to examine nature, talk, share, check out the neighborhood. The bonus was always if there were sprinklers to run through.  These rituals were just as important for me as they were fun for her because they connected me to the mind of a child and the unabashed joy of experiencing and encountering simplicity.

On this day, just to shake things up a bit, I suggested we go on a “blind man’s walk.”  When she asked me what that was, I explained that we must each close our eyes for part of the walk and allow the other person to be our guide – much the way a guide dog functions (mind you, I was making this up as I went along so I was not really sure how it would all work out – me, at a ripe old age and her at age 7). She thought this was great fun and eagerly volunteered to go first.

As I led her, she walked with full confidence holding my hand with a huge grin on her face. We walked for a full block and she took note of the sounds around her- ever careful to follow my directions and avoid barriers along the way. When it was my turn, I walked tentatively and even fearfully – afraid to trust my path (and life!) to this 7 year old. I admit to peeking and trying to trust my own judgment as I inched forward. While walking, it crossed my mind that this is what it is like when we doubt and do not trust fully in God’s divine care for our direction. We move haltingly and tentatively through life without the joyful confidence of one who is protected at all costs by one who loves and protects us.  I also realized that in that state, hearing the voice of God is imperative as He sees around corners and can protect us from barriers to our own physical and spiritual safety as well – but we must trust and be attuned to His voice.

I vowed that day to be more like my sweet granddaughter who so fully trusted despite not knowing what was in front of her and joyfully and purposefully strode forward. Metaphorically, blind faith was revealed to me as having the faith of a joyful child experiencing the world through loving guidance and trust. While we may experience challenges, they can be overcome by hearing the voice of God and moving in His direction. Our journey may follow a well-trod path or may have twists and turns but it is the path prepared for us and God will lead.

It doesn’t hurt to occasionally run through the sprinklers either.